God’s problems and challenges are never the problems we are facing rather God’s issue is you and me. If we could vividly remember in elementary school days 2+2 was an examination question. The tally line was a problem to most of us here and for most of us we failed it.


Did they say ok 2+2 is too hard for this children let’s stop giving them this problem. Was that what they did? No! What did they do? They made sure we grew in our minds such that when we got to grade 6 if they asked us 2+2 it sounded ridiculous. They educated us about the problem such that if it was ever asked it looked ridiculous.

That is God’s plan for our lives. God wants to transform our lives. He wants to draw us above the challenges of life. He wants to raise us above the issues of life. God’s issues are not the challenges we are facing. The trouble he has is that we are not growing above the problem. It came to a point that when we were asked 7+3 we laughed and answered it.

That is exactly how God wants us to handle the challenges of life. That is the perfect picture, meaning if we would grow those things that look like a mountain would suddenly become like mold hills not because they were remolded but because we learned how to deal with them. Don’t get over whelmed by the challenges of life. Tell yourself if it came to me, it is because the solution is here in me. Stand in front of a mirror and tell yourself I was born for this and there would be a spark in your spirit on how to handle it.

There are people that have been Christians for so many years and are still not sure if God answers prayers. Somewhere in their minds they have heard that God answers prayers but they are still not receiving answers to their prayers. They should pause and ask God why are my prayer’s not being answered? Don’t play religion, questions challenges prayer. Do you know that most of the times God has answers to our questions?

Most of us are the cause of our prayers not been answered. We say ‘oh lord thank you for being among the lucky ones to be alive’. Now the question is: Are we really lucky to be alive? Did you have a discussion with God or with your parents that you would be born on a particular date i.e. 24th June 1994? God brought us to this world willingly and he has a purpose for each and every one of us to fulfill. We are not lucky to be alive rather we are alive for a purpose!

Receiving answer to your prayers, when we say receiving answers to prayers a lot of things run through our minds. Most of us are scared, for some people prayer is a difficult religious activity.

Many years ago I used to be there, because my idea of prayer was my mum and dad waking me up in the morning when sleep is sweetest. Now I trust many of us were hit so hard to wake up for devotion when we were young. For some of us when you call prayer it is spiritual warfare or dry fasting and the moment they mention prayer you be like seven hours no food.

A lot of people are asking questions that if really there is God why is there earthquake, poverty and so much sufferings in this world. Why can’t God just summarize all these terrorists so that we can all have rest if he really exists? We are asking the wrong questions and of cause are coming out of ignorance of how the whole universe operates. God created the world and lease it to Adam. It is just like building a house and leasing it out to someone. You don’t just show up there except on invitation. The bible says that the heaven’s belongs to God but that of the earth he has given to the sons of men. Don’t forget Adam was a being of freewill and out of his freewill he handed it over to satan. Listen one thing you know about God is that he is a law abiding God. God is not sentimental. He operates according to the laws he has set except on invitation and that is why prayer is so important. God is a spirit and lives in the realm of the spirit. The physical world is just an Eco-department of God’s spiritual realm meaning this world is a merge in the realm of the spirit. As you are praying you must have the consciousness that the realm that you are participating in surrounds you. That is to say the realm where God is surround you.

The bible say in Hebrews 11 vs 6 that without faith it is impossible to please God.

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