Everything you will ever need or demand in life, the price has been paid for, God has provided both your wants and your needs, ‘’The Lord is my Shepherd I shall not want’’, not I shall not need, if your faith is violent, there is nothing you cannot have, Jesus was humiliated up to the cross so we all would be glorified, in honor of the sacrifice of Jesus you should refuse to fail he went through all for us, God never intended for man to take care of himself right from the garden of Eden all was provided in the garden, man was supposed to work not to make ends meet but to release the potential within him, if you discover all He paid for you, you will receive more and do more, your prosperity has been paid for, the whole world has been paid for.

When you arise to take what has been paid for, you honor the sacrifice of Jesus, faith follows the intent of the heart, it is more than a vector quantity, it has a direction 1 tim1:18-19 what you want must be able to be measured, there must be an intent for faith to bring results, even though all has been paid for, you must arise with your faith to take all you want, faith is the basic way you take, faith in the new testament is a response to the sacrifice that has been paid, your faith works because Christ has paid it all, the earth responds to us because it has also drank the blood of Jesus and whenever blood is shed favor follows. Oh glory to God!

As New Testament believers we already have faith, faith came with the gospel, you have the seed of faith the day you gave your life to Christ, grace has made all things available but you receive them with the hand of faith [Rom 12:3] We gather by faith expressed in different ways: by saying what God has said. Prayer. Take time to confess God’s words concerning you, every Christian in the New Testament should be able to prophecy, God does not owe you anything anymore, and you get a hold of what He has done through prayer and confessions.

We arise and gather by the Holy communion [1 cor11:24-26] the power of God’s sacrifice is revealed when we take communion, the goodness of God was released on our behalf by shedding the blood of Jesus, the blood of Jesus speaks favor on our behalf, everything that must produce results in this kingdom must be done in faith, so the motive for taking communion must be in faith, faith in the new testament is in the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ, God fulfilled His promises when He raised Jesus from the dead. Arise and gather for the price has been paid!!!

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